How i close 4 to 5 High Ticket Sales Every Month using this Whatsapp Marketing Software ?

When you are doing B to B High Ticket Sales , it cld become really challenging to get high paying clients every month . Making all those cold calls and trying to get appointment can be frustrating and lot of time is wasted in the process before you can get qualified buyer .

If you run Google PPC Campaigns and Facebook ads to get high paying clients , it cld get extremely expensive proposition as lead cost comes to around USD 15 to 20 Per Lead and you are still not sure if leads will convert .

After wasting lot of time and effort in above mentioned methods , I thought of exploring whatsapp marketing to reach out to targeted buyers .

I tried few local whatsapp marketing software to run messaging campaigns , but then faced quite a few challenges with them as software kept crashing and I was unable to structure campaigns for optimum performance .

After investing lot of time and effort in trying out quite a few whatsapp marketing software’s i discovered Sendapp Pro .

Sendapp Pro is extremely stable software with cutting edge features to help you automate your whatsapp messaging campaigns and helps you generate steady inflow of leads .

The steps that I follow to close 4 to 5 high ticket sales every month –

Step 1

Identify Buyer Audience – My clients are from real estate vertical , so I need regular business from them to run my show successfully . To run whatsapp campaigns I need mobile numbers of realestate business owners or their marketing managers  .

I acquire database from B to B Database providers for realestate business owners and then set them up for whatsapp campaigns .

Step 2

Formatting lists to be imported in Sendapp Pro . 

Step 3

Creating insightful messages so people get some value in my offerings and respond with positive intent .

Step 4

Sending messages across to the list imported in Sendapp Pro .

Step 5

Replying to enquiries generated and putting leads in google sheet .

Step 6

Nurturing leads with informative videos about their verticals , so they see you as domain expert .

Step 7

Keep sending messages to lists in rotation .

This process will help you secure 30 to 40 leads every month . Make sure that you send atleast 700 to 800 messages every day using this software .

Even if 10% converts , you will end up closing atleast 3 to 4 high ticket sales .

This strategy will give you regular high ticket B to B sales at very low investment . You just need to invest in Whatsapp Software and Buying Database to run campaigns .

Sendapp Pro if you check on their website is costing about 90 Dollars , but you dont need to pay 90 dollars . You can get this software at just 49 Dollars from the link given below for lifetime access .

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Any good B to B database you will get for 50 to 60 Dollars .

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